India june 15 money supply grows 138 pct on year rbi

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MUMBAI, June 27 India's M3 money supply rose an annual 13.8 percent as on June 15, compared with a 13.7 percent rise two weeks ago and a 17.3 percent growth a year earlier, the Reserve Bank of India said on Wednesday. Money supply was 76,216.5 billion rupees ($1.3 trillion) as of June 15 compared with 76,284.2 billion rupees on May 18, the central bank said.

The RBI said year-on-year reserve money growth was 7.2 percent in the week to June 22, compared with 15.4 percent a year ago.

It also said currency in circulation grew 13.8 percent year-on-year in the week to June 22, compared with 15.6 percent a year ago.